Thomas McDermott

U.S. Senate Indiana

Thomas M. McDermott, Jr. is the 20th Mayor of Hammond, Indiana's 8th largest city. He took office on January 1st, 2004 and was the city's first Democratic mayor in 20 years. Tom is the longest serving mayor in the City of Hammond's history and is currently serving a fifth consecutive term. Tom served six years in the United States Navy as a nuclear submariner aboard the USS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 709) during the Persian Gulf War. He served as a nuclear electrician in the sub's reactor plant and passed the strenuous U.S. Navy Dive School to become the ship's only diver. After the Navy, Tom attended Purdue Northwest, earning high honors in Finance while working full time. Law school took Tom to South Bend, where he attended the University of Notre Dame. There, Tom worked in the school's Legal Aid office, providing legal services for the less fortunate. After receiving his law degree, Tom returned to Hammond to open his own law practice.


Robin Williams

Robin Williams

House District 30

Robin Williams … she ain’t no joke! This seasoned and savvy, 35-year career, not-for-profit community leader seeks to unseat Indiana Dist. 30 State Rep. Mike Karickhoff (R) in the upcoming November election. Driven by her passionate support for education, job creation, civil rights, women’s rights, the arts, and quality of life concerns, Williams is ready to tackle the issues and speak truth to power. “It’s a crucial time to make critical decisions about education, for instance,” asserts Williams, a former educator. “Teachers should be empowered to teach the truth, rather than being imprisoned by politics.” It’s no surprise that Williams is making the official announcement of her candidacy on the first day of Black History Month, as she has been a lifelong advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion. As a journalist, Williams’ coverage of civil rights and race issues have been published in the Martin Luther King Jr. legacy publication SCLC National Magazine and in the New York Times. Her historical account of the Black Indian culture was installed at the library of the Smithsonian Institute in 2018. During her career, Williams has spearheaded and managed several government-funded arts and cultural institutions in the Midwest and South, including Garfield Park Arts Center for the City of Indianapolis, the New Orleans Jazz Institute at the UNO-Louisiana State University, and Fulton County, GA’s newest Arts Center in Southwest Atlanta. In 2018, Williams relocated back to Kokomo, where her family has played an integral role in agriculture, business, and the arts in the Howard County area for the last 170 years. She was inspired to take the political baton of her late father, Mel Ligon, who died in the middle of his 1994 US Congressional, 5th District campaign in Kokomo. “My father was an ‘old school Republican,’ back in the days when those values actually meant something,” recalls Williams of her father, a former bureau chief for Radio Press International at the United Nations.  “He taught me to care about and advocate for people who did not have a voice. I intend to finish what he started and do just that for the people of Dist. 30.” Williams holds a B.A.S. in Music Business from Indiana University-Bloomington and a M.A. in Worship Studies from Liberty University. Williams currently serves on the board of the Kokomo Art Association, Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance Creative Placemaking Council, and was recently designated as the Howard County representative for the Regional Arts Council for the Arts Federation in Lafayette.


Lisa Washington

Lisa Washington

Howard County Commissioner District 1

Lisa Washington chose Howard County as her home more than 20 years ago, and she knows it was the right decision for her and her family. Now, she wants to serve the community in a larger capacity as a Howard County Commissioner. Washington is running for the District 1 commissioners seat representing western Howard County. She believes the office is a natural progression for her from years of nursing and managing locally because a commissioner must be an advocate.


Annette Bourff Milam


Annette Bourff Milam

Howard County Clerk





RebekahAnn Renner

RebekahAnn Renner

Howard County Assessor

A recent transplant from San Antonio, Texas, Renner immediately fell in love with Kokomo and Howard County; so much so that she feels led to give something back to the community. And she wants to bring a fresh perspective to the assessor’s office. "My focus is on change,” said Renner. “I’m not saying that my opponent isn’t doing her job, but change helps hold people accountable. It gives us a chance to have new eyes looking at things." This is Renner’s first foray into politics, but when she was approached about running, she saw it as an opportunity to make a difference in the community she and her family have quickly come to love. She believes her previous business experience will be an asset to Howard County. "I have no political experience, however as a business owner and home-school teacher to my kids, numbers are my forte," said Renner. "I'm bringing my brain to the office. That may sound funny, but let me explain. When I do a job, I love to be challenged. I love learning new things. As soon as I found out about assessor certifications, I began working on them. So far, I'm breezing through Level 1, and I’m looking forward to the next challenge. When I come up against something I don’t know, the way my brain works, I learn it quickly and excel." One significant change Renner intends to implement if elected would affect the fundamental way a property is assessed. "I want to take the idea of assessing properties equally to the next step," said Renner. "I want to make sure that assessment is done by taking into consideration the entire community. At times, unfortunately, a certain area or neighborhood can be deemed less worthy because of who lives there. I'm over that. If your house is worth $100,000, it will be valued at $100,000 for assessment." "I don’t think you should be faulted because a neighbor decided not to mow their grass or keep up their property. I want to make sure assessment is 100-percent fair across the board." Renner knows citizens who interact with the assessor’s office will notice a difference in the way things work if she is elected. She will bring a perspective that isn’t tied to old, local politics or the usual way of doing things. "Running a business takes a lot to find success, but doing so requires good customer service, good management," said Renner. "But also means having the ability to get to the root cause of things and developing solutions. I can take a lot of the experience I have had as a business manager and business owner and apply It to the assessor’s office. "I may not be from Kokomo originally, but I did grow up in a small town. I know what life is like here, and we love calling Kokomo home. I want to lay roots in Howard County because it is a very welcoming community. I think being new to the community is an advantage because I will come into the assessor’s office unbiased."

Essie Foster

Howard County Recorder

Gary Rhinebarger

Gary Rhinebarger

Howard County Council District 1

Why Do I want to be on Howard County Council ?
I believe in Howard County and I want to see it grow and prosper!
If elected to county council I support the following:
Foremost, include money in the county budget to protect our children & schools to the ensure their safety at all times
Create a partnership between corporations and high schools to train students. To be better prepared for the future & have a quality trained workforce already in place for any corporation looking to locate in Howard County
More Money in the budget for training & equipment for both sheriff and fire including volunteer departments.
Bring back the Ambulance service to the fire department.
Expand the trolley system to the county including Russiaville and  Greentown.
10,000 people a day travel into Howard County for work. To grow and prosper we need those 10,000 people to LIVE in Howard County. Let’s work together to provide Quality housing, A+ schools and affordable taxes and grow as a community. We also need to provide amenities that attract new business and services to make Howard county a destination that everybody wants to come and live & work.


Michelle Martin

Howard County Council District 2

Donnie Haworth

Howard County Council District 3

Cidnee Ward

Cidnee Ward

Howard County Council District 4

  • Recovery Ministry Leader
  • Worship Pastor
  • L.I.F.E. Board Member
  • Active Kokomo Great Banquet Member
  • Elementary Teacher - working in public education for 10+ years
  • ISTA Association Union Rep
  • ISTA Racial Affair Committee Chair - Unit 5-1
"Bridging the gap between Democrats and Republicans to work towards the greater, local good!"


Shiela Louks Pullen

Center Township Assessor

Andrew Durham

Center Township Trustee

Stephen Geiselman

Center Township Board

Natalie Guest Born

Center Township Board

Kenneth Ferries

Center Township Board

Rachel Jenkins

Liberty Township Board

Laurenda Hurst

Liberty Township Board

Paul Dorisse

Monroe Township Trustee

Keith Olmstead

Monroe Township Board

Colson Sheppard

Taylor Township Board

Bryan M. Bertoline

Greentown Town Council